Well, not literally. But that's what our client's call us.

Seriously though. When a website goes down or malicious code is threatening the public peace or your sanity – we might as well be wearing red capes. Day or night, it’s our mission to make sure our client websites are under control. No, we don’t have a spotlight signal like Batman, but we do have smart phones, and we do check our email. (Yes, at all hours.)

So you see, we are actually real people (albeit with super programming powers). We’ve been developing websites, and specifically WordPress websites for a very long time. So long in fact, that we found ourselves consistently sidetracked from our project work by the ever constant need to maintain and care for our live sites. We knew we needed a solution.

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WordPress Care began as an idea to fulfill our own agency needs.

After developing hundreds of websites over the course of a decade, we found that we had our hands full just managing existing client sites. Not because it’s hard (if you know what you are doing) but because it’s just time consuming. And most of the “time” was spent fixing problems for clients that had turned down maintenance and support services.

We knew we needed to find a more efficient and streamlined approach to site maintenance that was both less burdensome to our programming team, and more cost effective for our clients.

Services Based on Simplicity

We sat down and defined the most essential and necessary maintenance tasks and services. The ones that we knew would most ensure the health, stability and safety of a WordPress website.

Core Software Updates / Plugin Updates / Off-site Backups
Malware Scanning / Uptime Monitoring
and Wicked Awesome Emergency Response Time

These were all services we were already providing to clients, but we needed a way to streamline our processes and leverage our own software capabilities to help us do exactly what needed to be done. So we did. And now our client sites are all organized and monitored 24/7 by our proprietary WordPress Care software and managed by some very happy and contented programmers who watch over our little digital wards like Batman over Gotham.

Why You Need Superheroes

Nobody wants to think their website could be hacked, or something could break. But the reality is that it can and does happen. If you have invested thousands of dollars into your website, why take the risk of letting if fall fallow? Why risk being unprepared?

Would you drive your new $30,000 car for 3 years without an oil change or insurance?

No. But you’d be surprised how many people want to drive their new $30,000 website for 3 years without maintenance, updates, and insurance. Things change. Server technologies change. Browser technologies change. And Hacker villains are smart. Vulnerabilities become apparent after months and years of a fast-changing technological environment. Cue the superheroes.

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Put the WPCare team to work for you and your WordPress website today. Sign up is easy, and maintenance starts now. (Well, just as soon as you sign up that is.)

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What You Need to Know About WPCare

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    It’s easier than you think. You sign up, share administrative access, and we get to work. Easy as that.

  • How much does it cost?

    Plans start at just $49/month. This includes full back ups, updates, maintenance and emergency support.

  • My site is more complex than the average site, does WPCare still work for me?

    Yes, we realize that not all WordPress websites are the same. In fact we've built some pretty complex sites ourselves using WordPress. We are happy to take a look and provide you with a custom care program and estimate that works for you.

  • Does WPCare include hosting?

    For our Premium and Enterprise level customers it does. Otherwise, we are happy to work with your website wherever it lives.

  • If I'm not currently a WPCare customer but am having an emergency, can you help me now?

    Yes. Our emergency services fees are $149/hour (minimum of 3 hours) to remedy issues and problems. Or you can sign up for our premium or enterprise package for a minimum of 6 months.

  • I have multiple websites, how can I make sure they are all covered?

    WPCare subscriptions are each for one site instance. However, you can sign up as many sites as you like when you register.

  • Does WPCare provide support for on-going changes and modifications of my website?

    No, we are strictly here to maintain the health and stability of your website. If you need help with styling, new plugins, adjustments, or new features and functionality we can refer you to trusted partners that can help.

Ready to Get Started?

Put the WPCare team to work for you and your WordPress website today. Sign up is easy, and maintenance starts now. (Well, just as soon as you sign up that is.)

See Plans and Pricing